Crimea no es Cataluña

Posted by on 07/04/2014


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  1. P.J. MARTY

    Using the logic of what land was or was not a part of which country in history is not always as it seems. Wasn’t Spain once a Muslim country? And with sharia law, wouldn’t Spain have been a different country in name as well as culture?

    I cannot comment on your article as I simply don’t know enough about these two histories.

    • The Freelander

      Almost right: for some centuries, Spain was taken over by muslims, with doesn’t mean population was muslim; but even supposing Spain’s age to be “only” 600 years old, after all muslims were kicked out, Ukraine is in comparison but a newborn; and a very artificial one, for that matter. At the same time, Catalonia has never been a country nor a kingdom, but a county. I very much recommend you this amusing and extremely interesting short video:

  2. Julio

    A los políticos (y a los medios) les gustan las comparaciones facilonas, y ésta la tenían a huevo. El contenido y la fidelidad son lo de menos.

    • The Freelander

      Sí, el sensacionalismo antes que cualquier otra consideración, y la opacidad informativa como herramienta, o incluso como fin.

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